The Rules of Conduct for the SHINBUKAN KURODA DOJO Members include the following:

1. Any and all Katas (forms) that you will learn will be taught to you first directly by GRANDMASTER Kuroda. This is to ensure that the Katas are taught in their original correct form.

2. Please refrain from practicing any Katas (forms) that you have not been taught previously by GRANDMASTER Kuroda, unless you have received prior permission from him to do so.

3. It is expressly prohibited for all disciples to instruct any beginning students without permission that has been previously granted by our GRANDMASTER.

4.All disciples of SHINBUKAN must not teach, demonstrate or practice any Katas with anyone that is not an acknowledged member of SHINBUKAN Kuroda Dojo.

5. No one may perform or otherwise demonstrate the SHINBUKAN Kata in the presence of the public unless there is prior permission that has been previously granted by our GRANDMASTER.

6. Please refrain from making negative comments in reference to other forms or styles of BUDO.

7. All members must endeavor to always put our thoughtful understanding of SHINBUKAN to the best practical use in our daily life and to live peacefully in society.

8. SHINBUKAN Disciples must conduct themselves as good role models in their daily lives, in their work, and in the DOJO with others.

9. We must recognize and appreciate that every individual has a unique purpose and reason for learning and practicing SHINBUKAN, and we must fully respect and appreciate the fact that we all have different physical capabilities, conditions and personal goals.

10. We must endeavor to always practice without bearing any form of grudge or ill will toward others. The SHINBUKAN DOJO practice environment will always promote friendly and effective learning together.

11. We must always endeavor to practice all Katas correctly as they have been taught to us by our GRAND-MASTER.

12. We must cultivate our ability and strive to continuously improve our skill and understanding every day and night.

Kuroda Tetsuzan